Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Navajo Perspectives on Wallenda High Wire Walk

Discovery channel did not show the Navajo, Hopi and environmental protestors who were present near the high-wire walk which was held over the Little Colorado River gorge on Navajo land. 

The Tribe was able to get Discovery Channel to do promotions of their tourism resources and to pave the entry road and parking lot to their Little Colorado overlook park.  But many local area Navajo and Hopi residents had a different perspective.

Mr. Tso's (leader from the nearby local Navajo community of Cameron) comment about gambling with life in sacred lands eloquently portrays the traditional perspective.

Local Area traditional Native people views:
"A group of protesters expressed concern over the "circus like" atmosphere of the event. The group included members of the Cameron Chapter, Save the Confluence tribal members, members of the Hopi Tribe and one member of the Supai Tribe who traveled the furthest to support his fellow Navajo and Hopi tribal members in the protest against Wallenda taking such a risk over their sacred land.

Milton Tso, Cameron Chapter president, spoke to members of the media on Sunday at the protest campsite near Cameron.

"Navajos are supposed to cherish life," he said. "But is this how we are now presenting ourselves as Navajos to the world? That we are willing to allow this man to gamble with his life over one of our most sacred places? All for the sake of tourism dollars?"

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Official Tribal comments:

"Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim were on hand to congratulate high wire artist Nik Wallenda after he successfully walked across the Little Colorado River Gorge on a two inch steel cable on Sunday evening near the Grand Canyon.

Wallenda's tightrope walk, which was near the Little Colorado River Navajo Tribal Park, was broadcasted live on the Discovery Channel to 217 countries throughout the world."
Navajo Chairman Shelly congratulating Wallenda

"I want to congratulate Nik on his successful walk. I want to thank the Discovery Channel, NBC and all the workers who made this event successful. This is an example of what can happen when we work together.

I am pleased that the Navajo Nation was a part of this project and that we helped Nik achieve one of his lifelong goals. It was exciting to Nik walk on the tightrope with windy conditions and I am happy that he was successful.

The worldwide audience was able to see the Navajo Nation and now we invite you to come Navajo land. Come see the pristine landscape for yourself, with your own eyes, you won't regret it.
We invite travelers near and far to come experience Navajo land,"

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